BOIS uses powerful subsea abrasive water jet cutting techniques in the field of salvage, ship repair, decommissioning and platform removal, cutting of multi-cemented conductors, single casings, piles and jackets. Up to 500 meters’ depth multi-cemented casing can be cut using patented techniques and procedures. This cold cut explosion proof system has been developed for operating in petrochemical and nuclear areas. Personal and environmental safety and efficiency are our drivers

Supervision can be provided serving platform removal, various cutting projects, cutting below the seabed, long distance cutting – all by using a range of our own purpose-built and purpose-designed sub-sea manipulators. Personal and environmental safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness are our drivers in offering our customers the best solution for their decommissioning and maintenance operations.

On- And Offshore Abrasive Cutting Projects

We have successfully completed many cutting jobs, such as the cutting of various sizes of conductors, removal of bollards, jack up legs, subsea structures, removal of 4 and 6-legs jackets, sub-sea cutting on shipwrecks, windmill mono piles and metal sheet cutting.

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Abrasive Cutting Specialism

Throughout the years BOIS has developed into an abrasive cutting specialist. Our vast practical experience in handling complex cutting problems has allowed us to bring this specialism to a unique high level. The development of a wide variety of standard manipulators as well as one-off manipulators for special projects has also contributed to this specialism.

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Abrasive Cutting Equipment

The equipment used by BOIS is rough, tough and fit for purpose. A diesel-driven High Pressure pump combined with mixing bottles and abrasive dosing technology enables the operator to control the pressure and cutting capacity at great depths. The hydraulic speed control, real-time pressure measurements combined with mechanical and optical visualisation during the cutting process enable the operator to cut under all circumstances.

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