BOIS Equipment Rentals B.V. offers the offshore and onshore industry excellent surface equipment for well test and well clean-up operations. Please find below a selection of our rental fleet.

A selection of the equipment we have available to rent:

  • Air Compressors up to 1600cfm including ancillaries
  • Boiler Vessels up to 6 mmBTU/hr
  • Heat Exchangers up to 4,5 mmBTU/hr, 10.000psi
  • Sand Filters Dual Pot, 10.000psi
  • Coflexip Hoses, PTL, up to 15.000psi
  • Choke Manifolds, 10.000psi
  • Generator sets up to 500kva
  • Pump Units, positive displacement, centrifugal, electrical- hydraulic and diesel driven
  • Storage Tanks, crude oil, acid, up to 100m3
  • Storage Tanks, tank trailer up to 83m3 with interconnecting hose packages
  • Well Service Pumps
  • Field Camera inspections and Pressure test

Pressure equipment is designed according to PED, EN and NACE.

Please find more equipment available in the GV&F service equipment pages.