Diamond Wire Cutting

Some cutting jobs are complex in a way of composite materials. Wood, concrete and steel are sometimes combined into solid and indestructible structures. Cemented casings consisting of 13 3/8” 20”, 30”and 36” are one of them. With applying a proper installation of the diamond saw guides, experienced speed- and tension control, these tough structures can be segmented in no time. Manipulating, handling and lifting of parts can be integrated within the scope of work.
Our advice regarding the best option of the cutting technology to apply is based on many factors and circumstances. One of them is the vulnerable wire who needs to be handled with care and precaution. Moving large parts to cut are a real challenge. However with the backup of several other cutting possibilities BOIS can propose a technically and financially cost effective offer for each cutting challenge. Diamond wire could be surly one of them!

Courtesy: 1 Diamond Technology LLC