It will be the pleasure of our BOIS logistical department to assist the customer with the shipment of equipment. There are many options to arrange a shipment. If required, the entire shipment will be arranged by BOIS from door to door. BOIS equipment travels throughout the world to many remote and difficult to reach locations. In these circumstances it is extra important to know your logistical partners and to have the correct know-how to establish things locally. Costs are known upfront before shipment, ensuring that the prices will be transparent to our customers and will present them with the most effective option.

Equipment packages prepared on the BOIS yard can be inspected prior to shipment. Customers are invited to join us going through this process. Every minor detail is given maximum attention during the load up, considering all potential hazardous situations during the equipment’s journey. Our BOIS employees make sure the transport will take place safely and securely!