We at BOIS have developed and assembled special clean-up packages for our customers carrying out well test and well clean-up work. For each individual operation a dedicated package can be put together by well services specialists. This results in perfect adjustment of the well test and clean-up equipment with the guarantee of absolute safety and transparency throughout the operations.

These dedicated packages do not only distinguish themselves by meeting the highest customer design specifications. Alternative solutions, when required, can be offered as an answer to questions of various complexity from the well engineers, taking environmental safety into account with high priority. The flexibility of design of individual items always enables our specialist to think in terms of the best possible solution for the customer while putting a clean-up package together.

Bois Equipment

BOIS Equipment Rentals B.V. offers the offshore and onshore industry excellent surface equipment for well clean-up operations. Please find below a selection of our rental fleet.

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Equipment Support

As support for the equipment, BOIS has a team of specialists available who are very familiar with well testing and well clean-up operations and the equipment required for this kind of operations. It will be their pleasure to advise you about the possibilities of the equipment and possible alternatives BOIS can offer.
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Equipment Operators

BOIS equipment supplied is maintained and prepared by highly experienced BOIS technicians. If possible, the operator who will be with the equipment in the field, also prepares the equipment in the yard, thus ensuring its top condition, certification and spare parts.

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Equipment Logistics

t will be the pleasure of our BOIS logistical department to assist the customer with the shipment of equipment. There are many options to arrange a shipment. If required, the entire shipment will be arranged by BOIS from door to door. BOIS equipment travels throughout the world to many remote and difficult to reach locations.
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